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Other Expense in Inner Mongolia University of Science & Technology

1. Application and Tuition Fees (RMB)

Student Type

Application Fee

Art (RMB)

Engineering (RMB)

Bachelor’s Degree

300 Yuan RMB

18000 Yuan/yr

21000 Yuan /yr

Master’s Degree

26000 Yuan /yr

26000 Yuan /yr

Undergraduate Training

400 Yuan /credit

500 Yuan /academic credit

Postgraduate Training

500 Yuan /credit

600 Yuan /academic credit

Language Training

12000 Yuan /yr

2. Accommodation (RMB) 

Each apartment has a kitchen, a dining room and a bathroom with shower.


Cost (per day)


50 Yuan ~ 80Yuan

Shared with another student

30 Yuan/per person ~ 60Yuan/per person

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